Friday, 24 May 2013

LOW-DOWN: New Garnier Moisture Match Moisturisers

I got myself some samples of the new Garnier Moisture Match moisturisers to try on my weather-worn face. I am not normally a fan of 'drugstore moisturisers' and these didn't really wow me either... Hey-ho! Here's the details:

Protect & Glow - (yellow) Normal Skin: For enhancing your 'glow', oil-free with SPF20. Surprisingly I liked this the best. Not shimmery or anything, just a nice texture that hydrated well. It did have a bit of an iffy smell though.

Start Afresh - (blue) Normal to Dry Skin: This had a thickish texture and felt a quite waxy on the skin despite claiming to be lightweight?.. I again didn't like the smell of this, and it gave me a spot!

Goodbye Dry - (pink) Dry to Very Dry Skin: Very thick, like a balm. Sat on top of the skin and was hard to rub in. Smell off-putting and just couldn't even finish this sachet I hated it so much...

I think these would possibly be OK if you are young and don't need a lot of help to look fresh and whatnot, but I didn't feel any love for these (being an old hag). Goes to show how useful tester sachets are to avoid wasting money and ruining your skin's condition!

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