Sunday 30 December 2012

New Years NOTD: Barry M Gelly "Blackberry" with 2True Glitterati

I asked the Other Half what colour I should go for for New Years and he replied 'indigo' thinking I didn't have anything like that; oh how wrong he was. I did the Gelly polish thinking I might just have that. But it was SO thick and stringy and the brush was awful and I made a right mess. This is however just one thick coat, so great coverage :) I then decided that it needed a bit of sparkle. So I turned to 2True Glitterati "Shade 3"! It's also hideously thick and unwieldy but it dries relatively quickly so it wasn't so much of a bother. I finished with a couple of layers of MegaShine to boost up the shine on the glitter.

"Blackberry" on it's own - this is 1 coat only and NO TOP COAT , it really is that shiny on it's own!

Messy messy... but I am sure it will be easier to clean up after my shower tomorrow...
And check out my lovely new Manicure Station! It's the Rio Nail Studio I got for Xmas and my IKEA clamp lamp :) It makes my manicures much easier to do!

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