Sunday 9 December 2012

Advent NOTD #2: Isadora "Polar Nights"

My dear Mum got this for me from Sweden, it's part of Isadora's 'Northern Lights' Holiday makeup range for 2012. I saw this on Neglelakkmani and knew I had to have it. It is a navy jelly with silver and blue glitter and silver hexagon glitter. Amazing :) It looks more blue in real life than it does here.

Application is not so amazing though. This is after I cleaned it up :( That dastardly glitter and pigment just goes everywhere and the formula is so goopy so it's just flooding everywhere when you apply it. That thick formula makes it very opaque though, this is only 2 coats. You might want to try on some glitter placement with this polish - as you can see my pinkie has no hexagons at all on it. But it's still a lovely polish :D I am sure that a shower will cure the horrible staining!

I love the colour but the formula probably means it's going to sit in my Helmer drawers for some time before I wear it again.... And now for something completely different!

My cute little guppy community. I got them free off a lovely local lady who breeds them and has hundreds but wanted to mix the colony bloodlines up so was getting rid of some to make room for the new stock. I already have a half-grown fry as you can see :D

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