Sunday 11 November 2012

PVA Glue Glitter Base Coat Experiment

So I have come down with a nasty case of laryngitis AGAIN (it's like last year is repeating itself all over again) so I am in my jim-jams and pottering about as my stupid computer has broken down and I can't play Skyrim a lot (I get tired of trying to play it on the laptop). So I decided to try and recreate the PVA glue glitter base coat tutorial that Pretty Purple Polish has on her blog :) I won't try and explain or describe in depth, she's already done that, so I will just show you step by step photos of my adventures! I peeled it off with my thumb nail as my hoof stick wasn't really co-operating. I used Hobbycraft PVA glue in the red and white bottle.

Thick layer of PVA glue

Dried glue in 8mins

4 coats of OPI "Last Friday Night" (Katy Perry Collection) and a coat of MegaShine top coat.

Half way there....


No nail damage, just a bit of glue residue and a slight bit of polish left, easily removed with acetone!
So how does it wear I wonder, because it totally works for removing without hassle! I can't top Pretty Purple Polish's wear test, go to her blog post to read all 'bout it :)

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Emma said...

Genius idea! I will try it next time with glitter polishes.