Sunday 14 October 2012

Pink October NOTD: Barry M "Ruby Glitter "

So I continue my foray into Pink October for breast cancer awareness with a slightly strange pink polish :) Barry M has been bringing out some incredible polishes this year - they've always been the off-beat colourful high street brand but this year they have excelled themselves! :) I scored this polish in Superdrug the other day while buying blister plasters for my feet (my new River Island Ugg boot copies are eating my Achilles tendon..) This is another one of their new glitter polishes. It's pink and black hexagon glitter with little black bits in a clear base. This is 3 coats, I did try to do some glitter placing but it as just a bit messy! I was was distracted between coats trying to help the Other Half try on his new chest waders so it was a good thing the polish dries really fast. But being really quick-drying means it also gets goopier and goopier with each coat, as you can see from bits of glitter pretty much all over the cuticle :( I tried tidying it up with acetone on a q-tip but it wouldn't budge... I can see myself soaking this off as I would a gel polish manicure with foil wraps :-/

I've got an awesome polish coming all the way from Canada soon, and I might well have to interrupt Pink October to put it on!.. I will keep you in suspense until it arrives....

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