Monday 22 October 2012

Pink October NOTD: MUA Nail Constellations "Gemini"

I spotted these on The Nailasaurus some time ago but being in the North-East of Scotland, it takes time for new stuff to travel... :) I finally found that my fave Superdrug had not only had a fantastic re-fit but also now has a massive stand for MUA! So I got this baby and also "Pisces" Nail Constellations, but I'll have to wait til Pink October is over to show you that one!

I started with a nude pink manicure to really make the statement nails stand out. I decided on my old classic China Glaze "Innocence". This is 2 coats with top coat. But I kind of wish I'd done a pink manicure with this instead now... I then slapped on a blob of quick-drying top coat on the nails with the beads, quickly sprinkled on the beads, then patted them down so they really stick to the polish :) I've has a couple pop off already but I expected that - I don't expect the statement nails to last! Then you just have to be patient to let it dry thoroughly before you try and tidy up... Using the silicone nozzle on the bottle turned upside down you can pour the left-over beads back into the bottle easily! These retail for a nifty £3, and come in five 'constellations' (colour blends)!

It was really hard to photograph - the sharp photos made it look awful :( I must try a daylight photo for this...

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