Thursday 9 February 2012

NOTD: Art Deco Clouds

I'm still very unwell with this cold/flu and in between flat-out sleeping and dozing watching bad day-time TV, I decided to paint my nails... Shouldn't have. The fumes made me cough like crazy! My eyes were streaming. Finally after an hour of juggling drying polish layers and Kleenex tissues for my dripping nose, I finally slicked on MegaShine and crashed onto the sofa with the cat. My goodness, doing manicures is hard work when your body isn't well.. I used Rimmel LycraPRO "Urban Princess" for the pink, Topshop "Summit" for the yellow (looks orange!) and GOSH "Wild Lilac" for the purple. I wanted to put on a fourth colour, the pastel blue beauty Bloom "Kate", but when I finished "Wild Lilac" I felt so ill I couldn't continue. I may add it in tomorrow.

I got the idea for this mani from the talented Dutch lady who has the Nailside blog :) She has a tutorial there, you should check it out! Her nails are enviously perfect and she has some seriously ace nail art ideas.

I think I also want a pair of these sandals - maybe they can save my poor feet from fashionable footwear??

Beech Sandals in Leopar Print
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