Sunday 19 February 2012

NOTD: Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine "Glow"

Crocus under the rhododendron bush looking a bit cold...
So the snow arrived overnight! :) I am wondering whether to put a blanket on my poor crocus and snowdrops that have sprung up!

My NOTD is probably a cry for summer to arrive already. I've been plagued by colds and flus this winter and general low immune system so I am so ready for some brilliant sunshine and nestling my toes in warm grass... I watched the live stream of Topshop UNIQUE A/W today, and felt it was dark and dreary and a bit 'steampunk' for my liking?.. But the model's hair was like mine - wash, don't brush, let dry naturally and et voila - hair in all directions with fly aways and dodgy partings. So I won't need to be trying to look cool next A/W, I will just have to "wash n' go" as usual! Anyway, back to my NOTD. This is 3 coats of "Glow" with a slick of MegaShine top coat. You have to be careful or you end up with a very brush-strokey finish. Please ignore the sore hangnail, I got it after a paper cut at work :( I love these golden-greens, I have a lot of similar ones including the coveted China Glaze "Moonpool". CrystalPolish has done a brilliant comparison of "Moonpool", SH "Glow" and L'Oreal "B.Strong", in case you want to see them side by side.

On the subject of green - I also saw a grand comparison on The Swatchaholic for dupes for Chanel "Peridot" - I am feeling lucky I got "Peridot" as I don't have access to any of these other brands in the UK??? But the photos are as usual fantastic so even if you can't get ANY of these, it's worth a look :)

And in other news; I have some new business cards from MOO, they are the 'mini cards' and are brilliant! I got a pink keyring box to keep them in as well. Brilliant for having in your handbag to hand out at any time :) I of course 'christened' mine and managed to get greasy stains on my first one from my Solaroil already...

On a completely different subject now: I soooooo wanted to love OPI's Muppet collection, but I didn't :( I liked "Warm and Fozzie" and "Meep-Meep-Meep" but the glitters were a disappointment. I have a really nice Claires chunky glitter that I prefer. I am yet to see the new Muppets movie, but here is a funny advert for milk (ehm, yes, milk) that is on just now - you just have to love Pepe :D 'Magic potato!'

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