Sunday, 4 December 2011


It's not often I say it but.. I really don't like this nail polish. It's sheer (this is 3 coats), streaky, runny and the colour is just that 'too nude' gold that makes my nails look like smoker's hands but in a nail polish :(

Sorry NYX, nil points on this polish. It wasn't even on for ten minutes before I had to take it off as it suffered some serious shrinkage and was wrinklier than a raisin...

So I instead quickly slicked on one coat of OPI Matte "La Paz-itively Hot". And in an instant I went from hollow inside with disappointment to feeling like a million dollars :) This is one coat over base coat (as sometimes I get staining from mattes). It won't last very well but it doesn't matter - this is hot summer all-night party in a bottle!

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rachy g said...

Ooh, that matt one is pretty :)