Monday, 26 December 2011

NOTD: Isadora "Merry Red"

* vroom vroom *

The storm 'Dagmar' kept us awake last night and as we drove to Hassela ski resort, we saw the carnage left by the storm overnight. Hundreds of trees that has been uprooted and taken down power lines; there were even trees blocking one and a half lanes of the E4 motorway! We managed to navigate powerlines and trees on the roads and got to the ski resort - to find it without power. The ski slopes were empty as the ski lift had been taken down by trees... We did however get to ride some killer 150 horsepower snowmobiles!!! And as the skiing was out of the question the adventure guides got special dispensation to ride the slopes with us as the snowmobile trails were blocked by trees... This is me driving the snowmobile and my other half on the back - shortly after I got us stuck in the deep snow going up a steep slope :D Oops!

11 roof tiles came off my parents house :O My brother had the good fortune to fix it when we returned from our adventure. Anyway, to my NOTD. This is 2 coats of Isadora's lovely xmas polish "Merry Red". It's better than this photo shows - my parent's house just doesn't have decent lighting. I may have to get a backup of this :)

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