Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Some NOTDs and other stuff!

I'm sorry I've been absent lately; I was out of battery in the camera and my fancy Android phone refused to email update the blog... Not sure why. Anyway, I've been very busy lately mostly with my art class! The exhibition for us newbie artists is on Saturday and we all put up our work today. I had another very good piece apart from the octopus and yarn ball still life but wasn't sure it would be appropriate to show a naked man on my blog. Suppose I could have censored it but it would've lost the overall appeal... :P I'm getting some cool CND Shellac hybrid nail colour put on to wear to the exhibition so stay tuned for a review on Thursday night!

Anyway, the teal polish here is "Ocean Breeze" scented polish from Revlon. This had that faux-opaqueness of many Revlons, I could really have used another coat but this is already 3 coats with no top coat. I've cut my nails right down again to be able to type properly... So annoying with long nails. Anyway, this polish like my other scented Revlons has a lovely smell that lasts a couple of days! This has a fresh smell similar those 'outdoor-dried laundry' air fresheners. Even without the smell factor this is a fantastic polish!

The red is a super-hot jelly red polish from Fearne, which is Fearne Cotton's makeup line available in Boots. They retail for £5.50 and there are some lovely creme polishes! :) This is 2 coats with Fast Forward top coat for quick drying. Lovely! I crave red at the moment, I wonder why..

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Zeke said...

Yay, tentacles! =D