Thursday, 17 March 2011

Nail of the.. Next Two Weeks?

This evening I had the very nice Claire from Me To You Nails come to do my Shellac polish for me. After being hassled by Mr Naughty Kitten himself Elvis who is admiring my new nails in the second photo, wanting to sniff remover and play with manicure tools, we cracked on making some gorgeous nails.

In case you've not heard about Shellac hybrid nail colour from CND, this is how it works. Each step cures under UV light (i.e. between each coat of polish including the base and top coat)

1) Base coat
2) 2 coats of Shellac hybrid nail colour
3) Top coat
4) Zilch-o drying time and rock solid nail colour that doesn't chip for two weeks!

The hardest thing about this was of course the choice of colour... I originally thought I was going for "Red Baroness" but after seeing "Tutti Frutti" there was no going back. It's like Misa "Hot People Like You" or Rimmel "Stop Traffic" on acid!! I mean just look at that gorgeous blue shimmer! It should be called something else, like, "Insanely Volcanic Pink". I think I may actually love this polish for the next few weeks :D

Now the more experienced readers will be mumbling 'Geez she's never gonna last 2 weeks without changing her nail colour!' You're probably right but in the interest of nail, ehm, science, I will endure until the end (I can still paint my toes tho!).

I will be reporting a few times a week on the progress of the wear of the Shellac and I am hoping that I will be able to catch up on some beauty product reviews such as Superdrug Optimum Swiss Apple day cream and First Aid Beauty when I'm not going to be doing NOTDs.

So I'm really sorry Zeke the Evil Beech, there is nothing but nuclear pink for the foreseeable future on my blog. I will make it up to you by sending you some stuff in the post later on this month! :)


Zeke the Evil Beech said...

Yay stuff! =D
Btw, maybe I should get some base coat and all that stuff you did, so my nails last longer than 2 days?
Elvis looks positively enthralled by the shiny pinkness

Lina-Elvira said...

*scribbles down* Base coat and stuff... :) Elvis appreciates the good things in life!