Sunday 6 March 2011

NOTD: Crackle and Color Club "Power Play"

I decided I wanted something bright and funky so I did this mani. Covers the dirt from doing the gardening perfectly until it washes off :P

I had another crap home hair colouring incident, much the same result... Never mind, I'm hoping Head & Shoulders washes it out soon! This time the culprit was the new John Frieda foam hair colour... I really must stop home hair colouring...

This is my kitten outside skulking around on his leash until he gets to go outside on his own! Very cute :)

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PolishGalore said...

It took me ending up with leopard print looking bleached hair for me to stop coloring it at home by myself (I tried to use a home highlighting kit)... Now I only go to a salon and while it kills my wallet, my hair looks SO nice!