Monday 3 January 2011

REVIEW: Weleda Skin Food

Having some problems with my camera, so hope you don't mind me using the Weleda stock photo for this review COPYRIGHT Weleda 2010

The snow we've had recently has been really bad for my skin. I have been using Weleda's Calendula Weather Protection Cream but the darn tube head has broken and the waxy liquid was everywhere in my toiletries holder... I decanted it into a glass jar and it is still my go-to for harsh cold windy trips out in the countryside, but Skin Food is my new love for protecting the skin in the cold every day!

I love the richness of the cream! Just what I need right now. It is soothing and almost cooling on the skin and has that Weleda fresh smell of natural ingredients. I have started using it on my cuticles too during the day as they are just a disaster area at the moment...

It does leave a slight oily feeling on your skin but it absorbs away after a few minutes. It is definitely the cream for my winter skin. I have been using the Swiss Apple serum underneath it at night, and my skin is looking very soft and glowy - a major difference from a week ago :)

I wouldn't recommend using this if you are pregnant or have super-sensitive skin as it contains essential oils.

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