Saturday 29 January 2011

NOTDs from Nailbarone

After a successful time shopping for all manners of lovely stuff such as Culpeper soaps, exclusive cat toys and luxurious knitting yarn from Noro in York, we arrived at walk-in nail bar Nailbarone on Swinegate. After amusing ourselves for about ten minutes watching the 'assembly line' style nail service and perving on the shelves of OPI, Essie and China Glaze polishes on sale, it was time for our shape and polish. I chose the dark dusty seafoam green beauty "Going Incognito" and my pal Rachy went for the blood-red killer creme "Up's".

After washing our hands, the hands were smothered with luxuries hand cream and any old nail polish was removed. The nails were then shaped by filing. After that a coat of Nailtiques base coat went on, then the coats of polish was meticulously applied (no clean-up required!!) and it was sealed with a generous slick of Seche Vite top coat. We love these manis! I fell for "Going Incognito" so badly, I came home with a bottle for my stash...

In a sort of assembly line up to six clients was serviced at the same time by 3 nail technicians! I was very impressed with the super-neat and speedy service, and for less than £10 per person! We have been admiring our super-shiny nails while having a home-made curry and playing "Residen Evil" on the Wii with red wine! :) And tomorrow we are off to IKEA! Woohoo! But now I have to drink my coffee and cuddle Rachy's white kitty and watch some TV before bed!

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Velvet said...

Love the green you chose. Sounds like a lot of fun playing Resident Evil,while having some red wine! Glad your having a good time.