Sunday 10 January 2010

Couple of recent NOTDs!

Cover you eyes, Zeke! :)

Friday was my birthday, so I wore Zoya's (aptly named) Ultra Glitter "Astra" (top photo). It's so gorgeous, and by far my fave pink glitter ever I think! It wore like iron despite packing crates of rescued possessions all weekend. It is a sheer-ish glitter in a transparent tinted base so this is 3 coats. It needs the translucent base however to achieve the super-sparkle, and it dries quickly so no complaints from me!

Today I was going to put on a navy shimmer paired with a silver I got for my birthday but I was looking through my Helmer and saw Bloom "Josephine" (bottom photo) and I was compelled to put it on. This blueberry-purple shimmer is so deep and lovely and totally soothes my mood right now :)

Anyways, I am still waiting to get a more permanent place to stay after the flooding so I will be passing by when I can! More soon I hope! :)

1 comment:

Zeke said...

I really like the blueberry-purple one! Very nice color. I'm not going to comment on the other one.. ghastly! ;P