Sunday 26 July 2009

NOTD: Sally Hansen "Jumpin' Jade"

I originally put on CND "Blueblood" but I just can't stand how it looks black all the time. So I changed to the luscious emerald Sally Hansen Inst-Dri "Jumpin' Jade". This is 1 coat only! I decided to jazz it up a bit with a coat of Urban Decay "Cult" on my ring fingers. The brush for the Sally Hansen is flat and fans out like the brush for the new Rimmel LycraPro, but the formula is very runny and ended up flooding my small nails. I then had to battle with my camera to pick up the shimmer from "Jumpin' Jade".

Packing my flat up has started and has caused my already dry hands and cuticles to start self-cracking and the ectopic eczema is rampant :( Not impressed. No nail polish looks good on me right now... Guess it's a phase. I will try and put on some of my fave polishes during this week to pick myself up a bit :)

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Lucy said...

The Jumpin' Jade is a beautiful deep green. Love it. Have you thought of using cotton gloves while packing. Then you can use a rich hand creme while wearing them. Maybe even thin rubber gloves.