Tuesday 7 July 2009

NOTD: New York Color "Little Italy" with China Glaze "Orange Marmalade"

So I was reading All Lacquered Up's trendy white manicures yesterday and thought, hey, I gotta try some of that white stuff. NYC "Little Italy" goes on smooth and shiny, this is 2 coats here. Once I had it on I decided I needed something more. Oh hello juicy "Orange Marmalade"! Just what I need :)

This type of nail art is easy to do but you need good brushes in your bottles or it might be very messy.

Well, I'm off to watch 'Chuck' on telly (I have a secret crush on the nerd spy!)


Velvet said...

Looks nice together.

Selina said...

That's so cute, those colours look awesome together! Also, your secret crush is only a secret if you don't tell anybody! LOL

Zeke, the evil beech said...

Orienteringsskärm eller?

Lucy said...

I love Orange Marmalade. I guess I love that whole collection. That's a nice white also. I like the design. Looks very pretty on you.