Monday 4 May 2009

NOTD: Mulensa #60 and Max Factor "Earth Stone"

It's actually weekend mani - for my first day at my new job tomorrow I am rocking Rimmel LycraPRO "Urban Princess" again. I love finding new cheap brands of nail polish :) This brand is called Mulensa and the number is 60 so it has no real name. I got it for a killer bargain on eBay, 99p. It's very good for a cheap brand, I am glad I got this greeny one and a pinky one with similar finish. Brush was OK, if you're careful you can hardly see the brush strokes.

My ring finger is Max Factor "Earth Stone". I got it because I had a coupon so it was really cheap. I really like the colour, but the brush is ehm, not so good. The polish seems to pool in the brush and then release an avalanche of polish when you least expect it :( Hence all the mess. You can't get rid of the brush strokes easy either. But love the colour!

And stay tuned for this weekend, something lovely will be coming up... :)


Anonymous said...

Best of luck on your new job!

Velvet said...

Very nice green color with the "Earth Stone". I love that! Pretty too! Oh and thanks for stopping by.

Lucy said...

Congrats on the new job! Love the mani. Never heard of the brand. Can't beat the price. Like your ring finger. I hate when that happens. You try to be so nice and then a mess.

Amanda said...

Good luck on your new job!
Love that shade of green...never heard of that brand before. It's prob something we don't have here, of course! :-)