Sunday, 7 December 2008

Poshe v Seche Part 2

So, now for the Advanced Wear Test results :) It entailed a day of travelling and I ended up in the rain and so ended up being soaking wet for about 4 hours, which would have affected the results. I also did a lot of household chores and ended up breaking two more nails :( So now its back to proper ultra-short nails again...
Seche: Retained the glassy shine throughout. Tipwear not as pronounced as the Poshe hand, even though Seche was on my dominant hand. That stuff on my middle finger, thats makeup not cracks or wear :) Note the broken index finger nail :(

Poshe: Lost some of the really deep gloss by Sunday, so you would have to reapply every two days to keep the shine. Tipwear more noticeable than the Seche. Note again broken nail on index finger... :(

Final verdict? I think I need to test Poshe more. I have applied it to today's mani too to see how it performs on a creme. Then I will do another similar road test to this one and watch the results.

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