Saturday 27 December 2008

Merry Xmas Everyone!

I am away in my birth country Sweden for 3 weeks so there wont be much blogging as I dont have an internet connection in the holiday house. However I am in my parents flat at the moment so can take the time to share some nail polish stories.

Rimmel Play Fast "Camouflage" - I got this from the lovely Sanna at Makeupmylack :D Tack så mycket Sanna! :) I will be swatching this as soon as I can!

Hot Stuff Collection from Isadora - Got the whole collection "from Santa", was disappointed with Spellbound black, but I am not the only one. It has an awesome aqua shimmer in the bottle which becomes invisible on the nail :( Have two more from the collection to try and hope they are as good as shown in the bottle.

L'Oreal Star Magnets - these are available in my part of Sweden, I have seen them, but the red colour I wanted had sold out :( If I see them again I will buy one anyway and swatch :)

Viva la diva - nowhere can I find the high shine eye shadow palette, but I got two awesome polishes, no 56 and 71 :)

Anyway I must be off - I have to pick up my friend at the train station :D


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uppmake said...

Hope you have a great holiday <3 !!