Wednesday 27 August 2008

The Nfu-Oh's are here!!

My Nfu-Oh's have arrived!! A bit of a mixed bag - and some unexpected colours. I was told #53 was sold out, but I got it. I also got a mysterious #59, even though I ordered #60?? But they are all gorgeous so I don't mind :)
From left to right: #45, #49, #56, #59 and #53 (with flash)
#59 isn't as red as it looks here, for some reason, it looks more red in the photos than the berry-burgundy it is on quickly swatched nail wheels. #45 is awesome, a total raging fire of a nail polish!!
I will swatch these as soon as I can, and share some pictures of nail wheels with different colours layered underneath. Currently I know that black is the favourite for layering these but I'm going to try and match up some of my other colours for layering underneath just for something different :)


Pink Sith said...

I am so jealous. As far as I know we don't have these Nfu-Oh polishes here in the states. They look amazing and I love looking at your swatches. Thanks for posting!

Lina-Elvira said...

Thanks elvira! :) I am so thrilled about them, I live in the UK so I had to order them from New Zealand Cost a fortune but I have just passed my driving test so it was kind of a present to myself...

Unknown said...

just browsing around Nfu in google and came across your blog. thats very beautiful =D. I also just got a few like yours too . lol. As for your comment about getting the N.P. you guys can go to . There is a seller who sell Nfu-Oh in the US now. I got a few from her. She is great. and most important. she was much cheaper than the NZ place.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. NFU-oh enamels and acryclic systems will be available very soon (in a month time) officially in Estonia, Tallinn. Good prices, online shop and fast delivery.
If curious, interested, reply to , we will let You know about everything that is going on.
Best Regards,