Saturday 1 October 2016

MAKEUP STORAGE: Primark Acrylic Makeup Storage

So I spotted these beauties in Primark last week! I already have a luxury larger version of these but in clear acrylic for my vanity, but with so much good makeup to choose from right now, I thought I would use these as secondary storage.

They come with the little cushioned net inside to stop things rolling about and the inside of the drawers measure 16.5x9 cm. I bought 4 of these and I am going to stack them on top of each other, secured together with some blutack. Hoping most of my overspill makeup will make it into these so I can 'shop my stash' more easily on a regular basis :)

These drawers are £4 each, but they also had some other versions like lipstick holders. As these are going on my desk, I bought the black to match the decor, but they also had clear acrylic versions.

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Unknown said...

How are the bigger clear versions of these? Do you have pictures to show what these can fit please?☺️