Sunday 7 February 2016

NOTD: 2True Crystal "Shade 4"

I've been really unwell with my frozen should and was struggling to get back to work this past week... Then I did a whole day of training for bumblebee surveying volunteers yesterday and went looking for otters this morning. I finally had time to put some nail polish on for the new week, and it's a scorcher!

I am sure I have a hot fuchsia version of this polish too but I couldn't find it?..

This is fairly sheer, I did 3 coats here. It did take a while to dry even with top coat so I managed to ding it in several places before it was fully dry. But it's totally worth the wait, it's a true sparkler :)

These are still sold in Superdrug and they are £1.99 I think?

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