Tuesday 16 February 2016

NOTD: Rimmel Rita Ora "Go Wild-erness"

I got this for my Xmas from my friend, and for some reason it's taken me ages to put it on!!

I must say I found the formula on this a bit weird - opaque but prone to patchy streakiness? It was rather thick too. I am not sure I am a fan of the brushes in these either, a bit too large?.. Or do I just have tiny nails? I had to do 3 coats for even application. I guess application issues are inherent with pastels but I wish someone would crack that problem already - it's 2016 ya'll...

Once topped with top coat though I really like the colour! :) Please ignore the scabby cuticle on my index finger, I got my finger caught in my storage cupboard door last week at work... It's not as inflamed as it was but still pretty tender. Eeek!! There was a lot of blood, and some swearing.

Anyway I'm off to catch up on some admin, but I will try and do a new formula for reviews at the weekend so stay tuned for that. I found my YouTube videos were getting longer and longer so I'm now going to try a "5 minute review:" formula!

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