Friday, 20 November 2015

REVIEW: Collection #BlushAndGlow palette and NOTD!

Collection has done it again!! I finally got my hands on this palette - I wanted to see what other people thought of it when it first came out, so didn't get it. Mistake. I then had to wait for it to be restocked because it seems everyone and their auntie loves this palette!! And rightly so!

All these shades work for my skin tone (neutral) but it may not work for everyone. I think it will be exclusively used by fair to medium skin, some of these shades may look ashy on darker skins.

From left: bronzer, matte blush, shimmer blush, highlighter

Look at the #BlushAndGlow! :)
The bronzer is meant to be more of a contour but used with a light hand it is a perfect bronzer. And it isn't orange, woohoo! :) The shimmer blush (darker shade) is amazing and makes you glow like crazy; perfect for my dull winter pallor! I wasn't sure at first about the matte blush, I thought it was too light for me? BUT it is a supernatural flush which is perfect for a 'I woke up like this' look! The highlighter seems like a powder version of my beloved Collection Speedy Highlighter stick and bleands so well onto the cheek for an awesome glow! :) So I am glad I finally got my hands on this - I might have to buy another one as a backup!

This palette is exclusive to Boots and costs £4.99, go get it now if you want it! It just reaffirms how much I just love Collection. Super-affordable but fields some of my most favourite ever makeup like the holy grail Lasting Finish concealer and the new Speedy Highlighter!

I am travelling all weekend to see my friends and family down south so did a sparkly pink NOTD to cheer myself up, as there is snow (read: traffic problems) forecast. Again, I cannot believe that Sephora polishes are made in the UK but not sold here??? So p*sses me off :(

Anyway, this is Sephora Formula X "Astrolady" again, only 1 coat. Yes, that's right - 1 coat! I bought this in the Sephora in Stockholm last Xmas, wish I was going back there this Xmas :) Or better, Sephora opened in the UK. That would be even better.

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