Thursday, 28 November 2013

XMAS GIFTS: Primark Metallic Nail Foil Kit

Was at a shopping spectacular this evening in town - many shops were offering discounts and special deals and were open late. I headed off thinking it would be packed and crazy like January sales, but appears most people didn't know there were special deals to be had so it was quite calm and empty :)

I got a couple other things but thought I would show you this Primark find. So again Primark is on the ball with trends - they not only have this awesome foil set for the sweeeeeeet price of £3, but also a chalkboard nail art set for £4! There are also various caviar manicure, full ombre kits and glitter / 3D nail sets to choose from, so if you have nail geeks for pals, or want something cheap and cheerful for yourself, head over there now!! In fact I think it's probably a good idea to get myself another one of the these kits before they sell out as a backup.

Not about to try this for myself just now at this hour, so here is just a brief low-down on what the kit looks like (full instructions printed on the back of the box):

On the outside....

..and the inside...

The foil sheets themselves - appears I've got a folded blue one.

Chalkboard nails for cheap-o! :)
Looks like it's gonna be awesome!! But that polish that comes with the kit will likely get binned - it's weird, flesh-coloured glittery yuk-ness. I'm thinkin' black nail polish with these foils :)

I'm going to be starting my Manicure Advent Calendar on Sunday so I think I will be going without polish for the next few days to boost the wee ones up a bit before the onslaught...

And apparently 'The Queen's Favourite Nail Polish Is Revealed'. It's really boring. I am not sure why I was hoping it would be some kinda glitter polish.

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