Thursday, 21 November 2013

NOTD: House of Holland "Envy"

I found this whilst going through the Helmers thinking 'I have nothing to wear!.." I decided I would give it a go, although fearing it might be sheer. Not so. But the brush is shit - the polish goes everywhere. And the smell (urggghhhh....) means this is loaded with serious killer chemicals. The first thought I had was gloss paint that you use for windows? Phwoooaar... Awful. Not smelled a nail polish like it before? This is 2 decent coats (some brush-strokes) and a layer of MegaShine top coat. It's a bit warmer green than this - I am struggling to capture this polish at all in artificial light!

I somehow managed to get nail polish in my hair though while painting!! Waited for it to dry and cut it away. That is a first for me in the 22 or so years I've been doing nails.... I sooooo need a haircut!

I am having a bit of a nightmare with dry hands again now that we have had the first snow and the temperatures are right down. I have recently been trying Dove Pro.Age Nourishing Hand Cream and it's actually making a bit of a difference. Not that I have age spots yet but I thought the AHAs might exfoliate some of the flakiness... It goes on nice and light, isn't sticky/greasy-feeling and smells nice :)

And coming up to Xmas, check out this amazing idea for Xmas ornaments from The Nail Network!

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