Tuesday 18 September 2012

NOTD: Rimmel 60sec "Rapid Ruby"

Had a bit of a disaster yesterday with a tin of red outside window paint vs. my beige carpet :( Ugh, and it's only just 2yrs old.... Looks like we're going to have to pay for a whole new hall carpet (no accidental damage cover on the home insurance, let that be a lesson to you...) After soaking up most of the paint inside the cupboard with kitchen towel and sanitary towels (yes they do work miracles on viscous liquids!) we covered the stains on the carpet with a seed tray so the cat won't get to it. What a smell! It stained my hands red and it has given me endless asthma symptoms :S

Anyway I painted my badly stained nails with a similar colour to cover it over... It's a really old polish so application leaves, well, most things, to be desired... My fingers are also really really dry and I have several bad sore bits on the cuticles :( Just really not having a good beauty time just now. This is 2 coats of "Rapid Ruby" with a slick of Megashine top coat (couldn't find my bottle of Lumos again...)

Now I am off to open all the windows to air out the paint fumes before bedtime!

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