Sunday 9 September 2012

NOTD: Boots 17 "Navy Glint"

I saw this in Boots when I went for lunch the other day, it's one of their new ones for autumn. I don't have a navy shimmer since I swapped away Rimmel "Electric" some years ago so decided I wanted this one :)

The photos are all very dull, not at all like the polish I see on my fingers. It's like the camera is only seeing the navy base colour and somehow the glinting bits of blue glitter is making the whole thing look dull and sort of grey?.. I am going to try and get some photos in bright daylight of this and compare.This is 2 coats with Lumos top coat. The formula is pretty awful; it's fully opaque in 2 coats but it's thick and goopy. Makes a lot of mess! Takes some time to dry too - maybe the top coat doesn't play well with this polish?... But I like the colour so it can stay! :) I might try and see if some Seche Restore might improve the formula.


Emma said...

O.M.G. how perfect the colour is, such a shame about the formula! Haven't seen any of the new line yet, I'm dying to! xxx

Emma said...

Keep coming back to this... waahhh, I need it asap! xx