Sunday 26 August 2012

NOTD: Zoya "Ivanka"

I fancied a proper, can't-miss-it green, so I broke out "Ivanka" from the Sparkle Collection from Zoya. The only whole collection I own :) I love this on the nail, it's a forest green with shimmering glass-fleck. Very lovely! It doesn't photograph well at all however - my previous "Ivanka" NOTD also had a crap photo.

The formula is a bit thin and runny, but it covers ok. Just be careful with application as it can create some see-thru bits if you haven't got enought polish on the brush. But you can't have too much either or it will flood the cuticles. Took me couple fingers to get it right... This is 3 coats with a slick of MegaShine (couldn't find the Lumos bottle - I suspect the cat has been playing on my desk...).

Please excuse the broken cuticle on my little finger AGAIN. I was out surveying plants today again and while brushing off some dirt the cuticle (that wasn't actually that dry and sticky-out) caught and ripped off :S It's very hot and swollen despite me cleaning it and dressing it (ahem, after I finished the nails..). I hope this is not going to be a continuing problem.

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Emma said...

Always catches my eye on eBay! I still have yet to splash out on this one due to price, but it looks amazing!! Ouch :( I hate catching cuticles, so painful! :( xx