Wednesday 14 March 2012

SensatioNail™ update

I am very ill again with a bad cold so I am yet again bedridden :( I did get up as the sun broke through to take a photo of my SensatioNail™ "Raspberry Wine" manicure in the sunlight. I notice that I've not been very good at 'capping' the tip when I applied it - it looks like I have tip wear... Oops! But rest assured, there is no wear or dullness yet!

The second photo is my power smoothie for beating this cold - it has a green powder made up of chlorella, spirulina and camu camu in it, and also banana, fresh orange juice, frozen raspberries, red currants and red gooseberries and a helping of oat bran and a probiotic low fat yogurt. It looks a bit like concrete in the glass, but it tastes very nice and fruity! I am determined to have one of these a day to get healthy, I am convinced that the last 6 months string of flu/colds is because I am severly run down and need a serious boost. Lets see if my power smoothies can help!

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