Wednesday, 16 February 2011

NOTD: Bloom "Kate"

First off I have to tell you about my Garra rufa, or Doctor Fish, pedicure! It was just as cool as I anticipated it to be when I saw this video! The little fishies nibble off bits of dead skin off your feet, leaving them smooth. The sensation is a bit weird, almost like little vibrations as they suck up the skin... They can't really tackle the rock-hard bits at your heel but they sure do good work getting in between your toes. However as it's expensive (£1/min, but we had a Groupon coupon) I'd probably only do it once for the novel experience.

So onto today's NOTD, "Kate". This pastel blue polish is what I wanted Barry M "Blueberry Icecream" to be... This is 2 perfect coats with MegaShine top coat. No streaks! Which is rare for a pastel polish. Gorgeous, I can't wait to try the mint green version (the name escapes me) I also got from Bloom :)


tasha~ said...

This is gorgeous! I never heard about this brand before...

Unknown said...

I love the nail color! You have a lovely Blog!
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