Thursday 10 February 2011

NOTD and Katy Perry minis!

Yes, I knoooow... I've been kinda inactive lately and I do apologise! I love doing my blog but sadly I have redundancy-related paperwork to deal with at the moment (yes, I am under threat of redundancy AGAIN) so I am not getting a lot of extra time in the evenings. Anyway enough of the crap stuff! I got an 'overdue' Xmas and birthday pressie from The Weebie today, see above! I wanted to get these so I was exstatic to find it was part of my pressie! Thank you the Weeb! :) Now I need to top these beauties in her overdue wedding/Xmas/birthday present... :/

I've got a formal occasion tomorrow so sadly no NOTD with the Katy Perry's today - it is the old trusted China Glaze "Innocence". This is 2 coats with quick-dry top coat. I can't lose with this polish; it's sheer without the streaks and light nude pink without the overly white finish. This bottle is almost finished so might need to look into getting another one. Re-purchasing nail polish?? Me?? Unheard of until now surely!

I promise I will put a more exciting NOTD on tomorrow night - gotta go to see my bank manager on Saturday to upgrade my bank account so I might need a bit of "Teenage Dream" to keep my spirits up...

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jaljen said...

Poor you. Sounds a horrid position to be in. Best wishes.