Saturday 14 November 2009

HOW-TO: Glitter Nail Polish Removal

OK, I love glitter nail polish. But until recently I hated the removal of said glitter nail polish, until I went to All Lacquered Up that is ...

Guys, seriously. No-brainer. But I've never thought about it! I usually let the actual pad soak on the nail for dark colours and glitter, maybe for say, uhm 30 seconds?.. But I always ends up with rubbing.

So this time I tried Deborah Lippmanns technique when it was time to take off China Glaze "Bad Kitty". So, how did it go?

1) It's got to be acetone or acetone-based remover, or you'll be there til Kingdom come...

2) Re-apply drops of remover every sort of minute as the acetone evaporates quickly (which is why there is a cold sensation)

3) Leave it on. Seriously. For at least 3 minutes.

4) Jiggle the soaked cotton on the nail to loosen the polish before swiping it off.

5) Clean up residual glitter with a fresh cotton pad soaked with remover

It worked for me! My biggest problem was impatience - I kept taking the first ones off to look what was happening so they needed a re-soak... :) So don't be afraid to rock those glitters, just use this technique to soak it off in under ten minutes!


Zeke the totally nail inept said...

Such a Hasselhoff... just say NO (to glitter)! ;P

Liss said...

Thanks for the tip, I had a nightmare recently trying to remove a China Glaze glittery polish, so this might very well come in handy :)

Gejba said...

I'll have to try it next time I use glittery polish. Only reason I hate them is hard removal.

Anonymous said...

Pain in the butt to take it off! i cannot live with no colour on my nail and atm. im into glitter! but when i dont want glitter under neath the colour its all bumpy! thanks so much!