Sunday, 16 August 2009

NOTD: Barry M "Pink Flamingo"

Sometimes, you buy nail polish for the name. I know I shouldn't but I do... So when I saw that Barry M had a new colour and it was called "Pink Flamingo" I had to have it. Even more so when I actually saw it in the shop! It's an amazingly vibrant pinky-coral, so hot it melts the iciest of hearts (like my brother's, he said 'for once, the nail polish kinda looks cool').

But without pain, no gain. The formula on this is, I hate to say it, seriously awful. I love Barry M, and all my other polishes are fantastic, but something in the pigment makes this a goopy, stringy mess. Won't stop me trying it again though, but it's only 3 stars for Barry M today...

This is 3 coats over Seche Clear base coat and Sally Hansen MegaShine top coat.
Lina-Elvira Loves It Thiiiis Much:
♥ ♥ ♥


Zeke, the not so evil beech said...

Flamingo pink does not become you, sad to say. Not sure why, but it doesn't look quite right. I prefer a brighter pink on you, one that is less 'orangey'

Lina-Elvira said...

Yep can't go wrong with bright pink :)

Lucy said...

What a shame. I think it looks really pretty on you. Even your brother liked it. My brother very rarely comments on my polish either. I guess I should be glad he doesn't.

Emily said...

I love this colour, i've been looking for one just like it, i'll definitly be buying it!

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