Saturday 21 July 2018

LINA BUYS IT ON AMAZON: Gel nail polish

I'm using the ones labelled 4 (ring finger) and 6
on the nail wheel below !

Swatches and bottles are in the same order
I see all this stuff sold on eBay and Amazon, and I always wonder if it's ever anything like the big brands? The time comes when one needs to try things "just because", experiment then write about it. I felt it was time. These gel nail polishes are sold on Amazon, and quite highly rated if you read the comments. I thought "what's the worst that can happen?!". They are a fraction of the price of big brands such as Gelish.

Anyway, onto the first impressions. The bottles are a small 8ml, so no big fat 15ml Gelish-sized bottles here. You get six colours for £12.99. There are a lot of sets of colours to choose from. Putting the price into context, one single bottle of OPI Gelcolor will set you back about £15-20, as is the case with Gelish and Shellac, so six colours for £12.99 is OK even if it is a smaller sized bottle.

The application was OK, I found the lighter pink a bit streaky so I had to do thicker coats. The mauve colour has a nicer formula. These were both more thick and "gel like" than big brands I've used which have been slightly thinner and more pigmented. I used OPI Gelcolor base and top coat with these, asI couldn't be bothered getting another set of base and top to match. This is one thin coat of base coat, 2 coats of colour and then top coat. I did make some mess, but it was easy to remove with an orange stick.

Whilst these colours are not to my taste (too muted, not enough glitter) they are lovely colours if one likes a neutral.

The sales page promises that with "proper application" the manicure will last 2 weeks, so I shall return in a couple of weeks or so with a wear test review on these, if I can last that long. I hate wearing the same colours for more than a few days and also my nails are still growing very quickly due to my baby hormones so I may not last the full 2 weeks...

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