Wednesday 18 July 2018


I've been gone for a loooooooong time... But it was for a good reason, honest! 😁

My lovely li'l daughter, Embla!
If you've followed the blog, you might know I found out I was pregnant back in September 2017. I had a good pregnancy but was soooo tired, and working full time, I just couldn't keep up with blogging. But my little bundle of joy has arrived, and she is already 7 weeks old tomorrow! I am finally feeling like I have time, and the need!! to return to blogging and beauty. I have some great posts prepped and planned for you in the coming weeks to start things back up 😎

I have been digging through my stash of nail polish and came up with the Sensationail gel polish kit. My friend asked me if I could do her nail with gel polish for her, as she had Amazon Prime'd some off-brand gel nail polish to try... Could be good, could be a disaster, we shall see! Stay tuned for a first impressions later in the week!

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