Monday 17 February 2014

FREE STUFF: Bare Minerals deluxe samples

Why not have a make-under, asks Bare Minerals? I have of course been using the Bare Minerals original foundation over the years but was always intrigued by their new offering that launched last year, the Ready Foundation. Less fuss was always alluring. I read that a lot of people just couldn't get matched to the Ready range of colours, so I held off until I could get a sample and apply it for myself. And they are now running a 'make-under' campaign where you can get a deluxe sample of one of their foundations for free! You should check it out here! It turns out I match perfectly to R170 so I am stoked to try it for myself over the coming week :) I'll give you a review in a couple of weeks when I've used it during a few days at a time. I love how the tiny compact comes with a tiny brush, even though it's not the new angled flat one.

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