Monday 16 July 2012

NOTD: L'Oreal Color Riche "Mythic Carpet"

I saw this while waiting for my prescription in Boots today. It was one of those polishes I see and go 'cool, I don't think I have one like this!'. After so many years collecting nail polish, that is RARE. As it was Buy 1 get 1 Half Price I was sure I needed to treat myself... The other one I will show you later in the week :)

This is 3 coats as it is a jelly formula, so a bit of VNL still with just 2 coats. I love the name of the polish, "Mythic Carpet". It's like 'flying carpet' but more mysterious :) The colour is amazing - it's very pretty and wearable, but the dusty reddish-pink colour makes it a bit different too. The shimmer brings out the depth in the polish and makes it a bit interesting. I have no comparable shades in my collection!

I have a new duo of base and top coat, Lumos. So far it's dried really quick and the top coat has given a nice, thick and shiny coat, so I am just needing a couple of days of hard core typing to test for chipping, which isn't hard as work is really busy just now. I thought Lumos was sold 'trade only', but a quick search of ebay reveals it has already made it's way there... I will have to see if it goes all goopy like Seche Vite after a while or if I find anything else I don't like about it.

I've also started getting 'Graze' boxes as a move towards a healthier lifestyle (yet again...). Below are my first and second box. So far I am really loving the snacks, I chose the 'BoostBox' option which is the healthier of the two choice, but doesn't include olives, breads and the like you get in the 'NibbleBox'. I have particularly taken a shine to the vanilla coated seeds and the spicy seeds - I could eat them with a spoon! :O And the Yaki Soba, yummy!

I'll keep you updated but if YOU would like a FREE Graze box on me, go here:

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How did you do!? To me it says: Your postcode doesn't appear to be valid. Maybe I've misunderstood what it is, so could you please explain exactly what i have to write!??