Monday 2 January 2012

NOTD: Maybelline "Green Miracle"

"Dear ACETONE, I am breaking up with you - we both know this affair will only lead to heartbreak and peeling nails... I love you, but.. It has to end.
                            Yours forever, Lina-Elvira"

Although I'm glad my Mum had some acetone today, as "Black Galaxy" was hell to remove!! :O Even with the awesome power of acetone, I guess 5 layers of base/polish/top coat is hard to dissolve...

To today's nails; I've wanted this polish for a while but I've never seen it in the UK? I am sure Maybelline/L'Oreal/various other 'worldwide' brands market different stuff in different countries. I mean, hello, the UK didn't get to share the love of L'Oreal's awesome magnetic polishes in 2008??

Anyway. Today however I scored in the Åhlens shop in Bollnäs :) I also scored another couple polishes but plenty of time to show them later! This is 3 coats of "Green Miracle" and then a coat of Depend Quick & Shine top coat. Its not as quick as you may wish for but it'll do. I wasn't impressed with the formula and brush, it's stringy and messy to apply. Supposedly '100% precision' - don't make me laugh, Maybelline... But the colour is very cool so I still like it :) It reminds me of an all-time fave - China Glaze "Gussied-up Green" (which I appear never to have shown as a mani???).

The backdrop is the new magazine for beauty in Sweden called 'Visage', it's really good :) Only beauty stuff and treatments, no fashion which of late I find kind of tedious to be honest. I miss mags like this in the UK - I used to love Marie Claire Health & Beauty!

Lina-Elvira loves it this much:

♥ ♥ ♥

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