Friday 3 June 2011

Shellac update

So this is Day 11 of my gorgeous green Shellac mani, and there is only one scuff on the middle finger - the thing on my index finger is my computer screen reflecting off the still glass-like surface! I am very pleased with this particular Shellac manicure, it is so 'me' and has again lasted so well through my busy life. However, you will be glad to know, I am not ready to give up regular polish just yet! I will probably remove this before next week as I am dying for a bit of variety...

The hand cream I am holding is Jensens Naturals Extra Softening, which while it doesn't smell as yummy as their Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream, is still very nice. The only problem I have with it is that as it contains Shea Butter, it slips right off your hand if you put a blob on as the Shea Butter melts in an instant when put onto your warm hands. But it does soften scaly fingers ( and I have 10 of them) and seems to last until you wash your hands again. I will probably go back to the Ultra-Hydrating one after I finish this as I am seriously addicted to the smell of it... 8-)

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