Friday 29 April 2011

Home-made soaps!

I was meant to do my nails in my limited edition Avon nail polish, "Kate Sapphire", for the Royal Wedding, but I made home-made glycerine soaps instead! :) Made with the finest ingredients and fragrances only with pure essential oils, I think these will go down well with family and friends!

"Caribbean Beach" is a fresh exfoliating bar with Eucalyptus and Spearmint and with tiny pumice grains (blue cupcake mould left corner and metal tin. "Sunshine Soul" (orange) is scented with warm Petitgrain and Orange with calendula petals. "Floras Love" (pink) is full of red rose petals and scented by sensual Petitgrain and Lavender.

I am in a "crafts" mood at the moment, but I promise I will paint my nails for you tomorrow!

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