Friday, 13 June 2008

Sunshine! PART 2

The morning after Xen-Tan - The Results. I rinsed off the self tan guide colour as instructed with water only, no soap. I still smell a tiny bit of that familiar self tan smell, but its not strong like other fake tans. The tan is a lovely, streak-free golden glow, albeit not as Amazonian as I had hoped (which is why I am doing it again tonight) but there is no trace of the dark patches that showed in the guide colour, to my relief! I had visions of showing up to the office covered in leopard spots.. When applying the tan, use vinyl not latex gloves, or get a self tan mitt. I used cotton wool to apply to my face, hands and feet and its amazingly streak-free. Although in my sleepiness last night I must have washed off a bit on the side of my hand which is now a pale colour. Oops :) My white sheets have a slight hint of mud, but it's not bad and it will definitely wash out. All in all, I will give this 5 0f 5 stars; as self tans go, this is the best I've tried!

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