Rating System

Happy Factor 
How happy overall does this product make me feel? Obviously fairly subjective but should reflect the overall score from the sections below.
Rated as ♥  to  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The lower the price the happier I get - but sometimes a good product can demand a high price and still give a high happy factor...

Is it available everywhere, if not, specific place.

The quality of the product, linked to value for money. If it's a cheap product I wouldn't expect the quality to score excellent and so on.
Rated as Poor / As Expected / Excellent

Applies to most products, must match the claims on the product - if it says 'full coverage foundation' I would expect me to rate it as High / Freakin' Awesome. If it doesn't live up to it's claims, it will rate 'Poor'.
Rates as Poor / Light / Medium / High / Freakin' Awesome

Is it all looks and no substance, or no looks and all substance?.. Is there something with the packaging that you find annoying, or useful?
Rated as Poor / Good / Glamorous or Ingenious and usually accompanied by notes

Anything else that I find good or bad about this product.

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