Sunday 29 May 2011

Chelsea Flower Show Randoms!

I am back from my mini-holiday to London to see the Chelsea Flower Show and other touristy things! I thought I would share some cool photos with you before I go off to cook pizza...

In order of appearance...
1) Peonies called 'Bowl of Beauty' from one of the stands in the Great Pavilion
2) House of Parliament and the Big Ben
3) 'Beefeater' outside the Crown Jewel Hall at Tower of London
4) Astonishing table and chairs by the British Florists' Association
5) Fairytale tree by the National Association of Flower Arrangers' Societies

Please enlarge the last two photos to see the full glory of the arrangements!

Chelsea Flower Show was amazing! And the weather was amazingly bad!! We had torrential rain and frequent thunder all through the day so we were lucky the Great Pavilion (which has a roof) was taking up most of the day anyway...

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