Friday 29 April 2016

REVIEW: Benefit "Dew the Hoola" liquid bronzer

As you know I'm not into the whole contouring thing, and I'm not actually that great with bronzers either. However when I saw this being bandied about in the beauty news I was like, yeah, gotta try that. I've had a strained relationship with the old powder Hoola - it just seems either too dark and muddy on me or I can't see it when I'm more tanned. So I was wary. And it costs £22.50 *eeeek*

Love the gold bamboo packaging! It also has a pump.

All my swatches sadly show the product a bit warmer than it actually is! 
Yet as soon as it was released I hoofed it to my local Benefit counter for a makeover. When I came back, my male colleague said 'did you got to a stand and tan at lunch??'. As soon as I said I had a makeup trial and was about to give him a review, he was immediately bored and pretended to be busy :) So damn, this stuff does work. It doesn't look like much to you when you blend it out but people can definitely see a difference!

I use a BeautyBlender to apply this - you do not need much product!! It gives a nice sheer and even result, especially if you have just used the BeautyBlender to apply your foundation. I found that using a brush gave a slightly patchy result no matter which type of brush I used (of course, I am too cheap to buy the brush Benefit brought out to accompany this product so don't know how that works..)

I apply this on the places on your face that would naturally tan, so no hollows of the cheek here! Try it on your forehead (hairline), bridge of nose and top of cheeks for that faux California tan 😎

I am all for the high street/drugstore brands to bring out a dupe for this! That doesn't cost £22.50 :) 5 out of 5, this has made it into my everyday spring makeup, although it will likely be too light once I start to tan. But then I won't need it so that's alright with me! :)

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