Tuesday 22 March 2016

REVIEW: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor "Seduction"

Sometimes I think nude is a good idea. But it never works out for me. I should learn. Although it looks dark, this is actually a light creamy nude on my lips; my natural lip colour is a couple of shades darker than this. I have included a rare full face photo to show you how it looks on the lips 😳 Yes I also have new glasses, and slightly wet hair because it always rains in Scotland!

Geeky specs and nude lips.
I had seen Tati's video on these  and decided that I wanted this one. I liked the fact these are supposed to be wax-less and gel based, and matte. I decided in my "wisdom" I was gonna go for "Seduction" and not "Devotion" which would probably have been better for my colouring. I really need to stop thinking I suit nude... I had to order online from Superdrug, these haven't made it out in stores yet.
A lot of reviewers have said they don't feel it's matte and it's still glossy?.. Mine did dry down, as you can see in the face shot, and it was definitely satiny. Maybe it's meant to be put on in just one, thin layer like I did? I somehow don't think the darker shades would be full coverage in one coat though.

The product does feel a bit 'silicone-y' on your lips the whole time, not dry. I found that eating breakfast biscuits and having a coffee meant I had to reapply, never mind having lunch. I hate the scent of this product, but thankfully it doesn't linger. It's a weird mix of vanilla and cheap perfume. It did dry my lips a little bit but overall it was an OK product.

So what's the verdict? No, I don't think I will get more of these. These are £8.99 so they are quite pricey for a high street product and although I think it's OK it's not a long term relationship for me. I still prefer my Collection Cream Puff lip cremes and Matte Lip Butter. And they are both less than £3! So you could get both, and still have money over for a Starbucks coffee.

Have I told you I love Collection cosmetics? 😇

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