Thursday 29 January 2015

NOTD: Illamasqua "Rampage"

Do you have a nail polish you have a LOVE / HATE relationship with?.. I bet you do! This is mine. I bought this as soon as it launches some years ago now, for a premium price directly off Illamasqua's website. I LOVE the colour, but I HATE the formula... It has put me off forking out for any other polishes from this brand, no matter how gorgeous other beauty bloggers' swatches look.

This polish is marketed as a 'dark green jelly, glossy finish'. First part I agree with, second part not. It dries to a satin finish!? The formula is also very thin and I made a few careless brush overloads so it's not as pristine as it should be application wise. As all jelly polishes this requires care to apply; I find two careful thin coats followed by a thicker coat makes it look best. It will still be see-thru so if you can't hack VNL, this is not for you. I put on a slick of Seche Vite over this to seal the layers and dry it quickly, and add shine, as it's not glossy...

I wonder if I have a duff bottle or if anyone else had this problem with this polish? They may have updated the formula since I bought my bottle 'back in the day'.

Looking at the photos I took, I still can't decide whether I LOVE or HATE this polish? Maybe I LOVE it out of guilt as I spent a lot of money on it? I don't want to over-analyze, I just wanna put the bottle back in my Helmer and forget the whole thing.

Happy Factor 
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Illamasqua's website

Average - a bit on the thin side even for a jelly and I already have tipwear after 24 hrs

Good - Jelly


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Cali369 said...

Oh, I love this one. Also bought it on release (from Selfridges) and don't recall any problems with the formula