Sunday 10 July 2016

REVIEW: NYX Lip Lingerie "Bedtime Flirt"

After my gigantic NYX haul, I have been wearing the brand constantly for the last week or so to give it a good go! When I discovered that the Wonder Pencil in 'Light' was too ghostly for me, I went back and bought the 'Medium' shade instead but of course, one does not just go to Boots and pick up one thing...

I also got this liquid lipstick. Let start off by saying I am not a fan of matte on me, be it skin, nails or lips. I also don't feel I suit nude colours very well and maybe this pulls a bit brown on my skin tone. So why the hell I would be swayed by a NUDE and MATTE liquid lipstick??

I have highly pigmented lips, something I've only just come to realise. Always just thought everyone's lip colour were the same. Not so! The lipstick colour is just that little bit lighter than my natural lip colour but the opacity and formula of the lipstick is so good that it doesn't look weird at all.

Seriously, I freakin' love this! NYX Lip Lingerie is all I wanted the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor to be (and it's cheaper!). It dries matte. It doesn't smell. It's completely transfer-proof (tested it on Husband and my friends new baby) and it lasts well, even through a pizza and a Pepsi for lunch! And coffee. And chocolate. Then I notice it's starting to wear off in the middle of the lips but it doesn't look weird or patchy and I doubt anyone but me can see it. So I just touched it up and it didn't look lumpy. It actually came off relatively easy at the end of the day with my trusty Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water (the bi-phase version) as well.

I am hoping that NYX will bring out some more shades with this transfer-proof formula, some more fun, non-nudes perhaps? :) I am considering buying the darker terracotta red "Exotic" as well as it looks like it would suit me.

So top marks for NYX Lip Lingerie - I can see myself wearing it in the office every day for the next wee while! And I think it's already earned it's spot in the annual Top Ten!

A word of warning; this product is not for those with super-parched, flaky, sore lips. The matte formula will accentuate every flaw in your lips, and it will likely make dry lips feel more dry!

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